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Nov 9, 2012 5:00am PST
deal. >> reporter: the congressional budget office says the economy will fall into a recession and analysts predict the unemployment rate will climb back up to 9% and there could be a delay in people receiving income tax returns. major consequences. >> nobody wants that. thank you. >>> while we are talking percentages time to turnover to mike and talk about what the chances are for showers or wet roads. >> heard it, the heavy rain, the thunder that accompanied the lightning. >>> couple bolts of lightning overnight especially concord and san francisco, causing the power outage there is, we had small hail fall through our thunderstorms as we talked about and there is still another chance of that best chance morgan hill and san martin southern sections of santa clara valley sliding south, gilroy get ready it is go to get wet in your neighborhoods. higher elevations under the radar and satellite, you can see it is getting color coded that means starting to mix some of the snow into our highest elevations like mount hamilton getting snow now quickly fading but it definitely left a dusti
Nov 16, 2012 5:00am PST
arrive or depart today. more people are expected to travel because of the improving economy. sfo says they expect to see a 3% increase. >> eric: you might want to brace yourself for delays at sfo because we have rain moving into the area. >> kristen: mike nicco is looking to see where the rain is now. >> if you have flight tracker at the bottom of every page at here is a look at san francisco from coast to bayshore line. we have wet weather, light rain. we saw an update. this green means it's very light. you see daly city, south san francisco, pacifica getting a little light rain. headed down to burlingame, down to santa clara, foster city coming off the bridge. we're seeing a little light rain moving into 92 as you head over to half moon bay. wood land avenue, embarcadero road showing some light rain there. as you cross the dumbarton bridge, all the way up to niles boulevard in fremont, a little bit of light rain also. this is just the beginning. you can see more and steadier rain is going to move in over the next half-hour or so. all of us will get wet weather by 7:00
Nov 8, 2012 5:00am PST
. economy back into recession. katie marzullo live in the newsroom in is going to take compromise. >> reporter: -- skeptical they are going to do it, lawmakers have not found much common ground over the past four years washington remains almost unchanged after the election. president obama has already talked with the top four leaders in the house and senate on the phone from chicago before returning to the white house last night that includes house speaker ran john boehner. he says his party is willing to consider tax increases only under the right circumstances which include fewer tax loopholes and simpler, fairer tax code. right now all sides are laying out opening arguments for negotiations that are to come. they need to avoid severe and automatic government spending cuts and tax hikes that will take place january 1st. those cuts and hikes total 800 billion dollars. in the bay area there's hope president obama's reelection will bring amick boost especially in the silicon valley. with health care behind him the tech industry feels the president can turn his attention to jobs, ho
Nov 13, 2012 5:00am PST
because of the improveing economy. aaa will also tell us what to expect in the way of gas prices, air fares and hotel costs. gas prices are looking better. >> much better. $3.75 where i get mine, 75 cents less than it was at its peak. >> my parents are driving from atlanta that cost them a lot, i'm glad to see it go down. more for the grandchildren. >> good, i was trying to save you. >> i appreciate it. 5:18. good morning, beautiful picture from vollmer peak, emeryville, berkeley, port of oakland to san francisco. still looks clean this morning. live doppler 7 hd spinning up on mount st. helena waiting for that next storm going to have to wait a couple more days stretch of dry weather today and tomorrow before showers start too come in thursday. a few more 30s now fairfield third four, concord and santa rosa -- 30 fine, 40 los gatos everybody else in the 40s san francisco 51°. 37 in monterey, cool spot around the bay and inland 40s santa cruz, watsonville, near 50 salinas, 38 gilroy. in the afternoon another day of needing the sunglasses, high clouds and sun more than yesterday warme
Nov 15, 2012 5:00am PST
will lead the world's number two economy and vocal calls for economic and political reform. >>> nasa and russia say they are still in control of the space station, even though construction workers severed a communications cable serving mission control near moscow. communication has been rerouted since they cannot send commands to parts of the lab. nasa sent this picture of the you aboard the space station. american astronaut ford among them. the cable damage could delay the return of the three astronauts. >>> next, the dale that clears the way for construction of a new controversial safeway store in oakland. >>> north bay university receives largest gift in its 122 year history. how the money will transform a mansion on campus into a state-of-the-art classroom. >>> welcome back. beautiful picture of san francisco to oakland from our sutro cam. increasing clouds today, chance of rain coming in tonight through the weekend. be prepared, today is the last dry day for a while. >>> 5:25. in oakland compromise has been reached between safeway and local residents on the expansion of a rock r
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5